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For any enquiries, questions or commendations, please call/text: +44 7968 770983 (preferred) or find us on facebook.

Head Office

Bakersfield Community Centre

312 Sneinton Dale, 

Nottingham.  NG3 7DN

Tel: +44 7968 770983

Class Times

Mon:   1900 - 2100

Thur:   1900 - 2100

Private tuition available




Gary Lam Wing Chun Kung Fu Nottingham is home to Sifu Dean Pugh.

He began his journey under the instruction of Sifu Mick Yates. As a dedicated student, he was handed down Sifu Yates' club, where he began to teach, gaining experience of effective, practical and concise teaching methods. Sifu Dean Pugh trained Foshan Wing Chun for 17 years, achieving 6th degree black belt level in Master Lun Gai's Fo Shan system.  In pursuit of more answers and with a desire to further his Wing Chun knowledge, he attended a UK Gary Lam seminar, where he was personally invited by Sifu Gary Lam to train with him at his home in Los Angeles. 

Due to the commitment of running his club and personal circumstances, he was unable to accept his invitation at that time and began training the Gary Lam system with Sifu John Lobb in Warrington.

However, circumstances changed and senior students Bohdan Dawyd and Tom Wright were able to support the club, allowing Sifu Dean Pugh to advance his journey directly with Sifu Gary Lam at his home and school headquarters in Los Angeles where he continues to visit and train under the guidance of Sifu Gary Lam for extended periods of several months at a time.


2015 - First Trip to LA

In January 2015, Sifu Dean Pugh travelled to LA to continue his study of the Gary Lam system directly with Sifu Gary Lam and his students.  He lived and trained in the infamous back yard and Sifu Gary Lam's LA school headquarters, gaining an in-depth knowledge and experience of the unique teaching methods of Sifu Gary Lam.  Spending 7 hours a day, 7 days a week, Sifu Dean Pugh recognised how Sifu Gary Lam was able to convey a deep and complex idea of the Wing Chun martial art in his self-developed, unique and structured system. This is due to the vast experience Sifu Gary Lam has as a Wing Chun Sifu and an accomplished fighter in his own right.







2015 - Road trip to Frankfurt

In September, Sifu Dean Pugh and his students travelled to Frankfurt to attend a Sifu Gary Lam seminar, hosted by Sifu Michael Mehle. His students were able personally meet Sifu Gary Lam and witness his ability and teaching first-hand. Much experience and knowledge was shared in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where friendships, respect and memories were made of not only the seminar, but the social time spent together too.  


2016 - Second Trip to LA

Most recently, in January 2016, Sifu Dean Pugh returned to LA to train with Sifu Gary Lam for an intensive three month period. Training 7 days a week, he accumulated over 600 hours of training and study.  This intense period has enhanced Sifu Dean Pugh's knowledge and physical ability of Sifu Gary Lam's unique structured system.

What is the Gary Lam system about?

Sifu Lam describes the Wong Shun Leung/Gary Lam Wing Chun system as having five main branches of study. These branches serve to categorize the bulk of the open hand techniques that are developed throughout the students training experience, giving an overall framework for the entire system. Additionally the wooden man (muk yan jong), Dragon Pole (luk dim boon guan) and Double Knife (baat jaam do) are also taught.

The 5 branches:

  • Crossing hand - Striking techniques

  • Closing - Standing grappling

  • Footwork - Kicking and leg destruction

  • Pushing - One and two handed projections

  • Pulling - Outside, inside and turning projections

Through comprehensive training and drilling, you will develop the reactions, responses and sensitivity necessary to succeed in a combat situation.

This journey takes commitment and patience, but most of all a desire to learn.  There is an element of physicality to this training, but it is not purely intense physical training all of the time; it is about developing the mind, body and spirit.  By combining these, you will learn:

  • To be aware

  • To be calm

  • To be confident

You will also develop the physical attributes for combat:

  • Structure

  • Power

  • Timing

  • Speed

  • Distance

If you are interested in starting your journey, we invite you to simply attend any of our classes. We have a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere, where you will be made to feel welcome and guided by Sifu Dean Pugh and his students, in this traditional and effective Chinese martial art.

If you require any further details, you can contact us via phone, email or on Facebook.

-Gary Lam Wing Chun Nottingham, UK





Originally Written By Sifu Greg LeBlanc 
Extract from 2014 Revision by Tony Shou



Sifu Lam trained with Wong Shun Leung for over 15 years and was his head coach for 6 years. Sifu Lam distinguished himself by winning the Hong Kong full contact elimination tournament in 1978, defeating all challengers in three elimination fights. This fighting victory resulted in being awarded the coveted champions gold coin medallion, and gained him the respect and admiration of his fellow practitioners from all styles.


Sifu Lam has also been a competitive Hong Kong Thai boxer, and in the early nineties often served as a judge for Thai boxing matches in Hong Kong. Sifu Lam has been teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu and training Thai Boxers for over 20 years. He also had the honor and distinction of serving as the 1991 President of the Hong Kong Wing Chun Society.



For more video content from Gary Lam Wing Chun Nottingham, UK please check out our YouTube channel, where you''ll find more action from Sifu Dean Pugh and his students.

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