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The Return from Dachau!

Sifu Gary Lam Seminar - Dachau 2016

After a long, grueling 19 hour drive through Europe, and many, many YouTube powered classic hits later, Sifu Dean Pugh and his students, Tom Wright, Lee Fountain, Daniel Pouncey and Derek Jackson finally made it to the humble town of Dachau. As always, we were made to feel extremely welcome and much knowledge, laughter and great times were shared by all. We'd like to share with you a gallery highlighting some of the best bits. Special thanks to Stauner Ulrich for hosting a great event and making us feel so welcomed, to Evangelos Vasilakisfor sharing his kindness and power and to everyone else we met; you are all great and we will see you again. This album also features some seminar photos from Joachim Boldt - thank you Joachim.

-Gary Lam Wing Chun Kung Fu Nottingham, UK

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